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The Wiz

Dorthy Gale played by Genise Herron is swept away to a magical land in a tornado and embarks on a quest to see The Wizard ("Lenny Haris ") who can help her return home. Her spiritual journey brings her to characters, "The Scarecrow" (Tanielle Stigall), "The Tin Man" (Royce Ruffin) and "The Lion" (Joey Ruffin). Together they face a "Wicked Witch" (Mz Chonn Williams) who terrorizes Dorthy to keep her from reaching The Wizard. With the help of two witches "Ms One" (Shervon Mitchell) & "Glinda" (Casie Spencer). She learns the true meaning of home. Dancing lead by our Choreographer Chelsi Knight you are sure to experience a delightful show. Rewritten and directed by Joey Ruffin this reendition of "The Wiz" addresses some of todays social ill's like obesity and poor dress codes to remind us of our need to better our lives. Enjoy your magical trip to the land of Oz by way of the dancing "Yellow Brick Road" (Lenny Harris) and remember there is no place like home.

Directed by: Joey Ruffin
Play Runtime: 1 Hour 50 Minutes

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Our Reviews

where does one begin in reviewing a masterpiece "The Wiz?"
the film as well as this play possesses tons eye and ear candy.
the sets and costuming take the viewer to a magical place
that in of it self is reason enough to watch this play

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