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Our Mission

Our ultimate mission is to develop positive Mentoring & Networking relationships within the community, and create opportunities to discover and cultivate gifts, talents, potentials and a positive visions for the future. Some of our present initiatives include:

  • Media Outreaches for the Younger Generation, a conglomeration of media & broadcast applications designed to teach the youth about various TV, Radio, Internet & Newspaper recording, documentation and presentation

  • Community Site Mentoring, one to one and group mentoring sessions are conducted regularly through our conglomerate partnerships with different community organizations, churches and ministries.
  • Vocational Awareness Projects, youth are being exposed to various career choices through hands on apprenticeship projects.

  • Outreach/Advocacy Resource Network, consultations and referrals for housing, public assistance and other social services are being offered.

Because of an overwhelming response to a brief pilot we conducted in the spring of 2005 with YMARI, we were afforded a working relationship with them. From this collaboration we were offered the opportunity to submit a proposal to conduct our programs at selected locations. Some of the special features and benefits of our monthly site mentoring program include:
  • Weekly Student Sessions focusing on various issues facing youth and families, along with a proven curriculum for life skills provided by a host of other community outreach groups and organizations.

  • Monthly Guest Speakers of various backgrounds and career fields from entrepreneurs to professional athletes and media personalities.

  • Mentor Training/Orientation for adults, who are interested in serving as mentors or support staff, conducted by professional and licensed instructors of various social services fields, with some sessions qualifying as CEUís. Also screening and FBI criminal background checks will be required of all prospects.

  • An Etiquette Project courtesy of a partnership with Forest City Enterprises, culminating in an evening of elegant dining at the Terminal Tower Observation Deck in Downtown Cleveland.

  • The Finale to recognize student accomplishments and staff participation, with each student successfully completing and possibly entering into an employment and or advanced educational apprentice program.
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