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Laura Cowan, A 27 yr old woman with two children is devastated by the loss of her husband, 
family businesses and their home. Forced to live on the street and in shelters she is blindly lured into a  life of horror in a rural Californian house run by polygamist Mansa Musa Muhummed.

What was once thought of as a strict way of life for this Islamic family, was quickly realized to be  torture with cruel and unusual punishments of many people. Boy's, girls, women and men all under weight and malnourished. They were held hostage in deplorable conditions for years while beaten, starved and punished. They are stripped of their strength, their will and their natural desires to live.

After giving birth to a child while in captivity Laura is isolated and thrown into a locked garage in chains where she strattles the edge of madness. Using here own blood, she begins to write a rescue note which turns into several pages of documentation of the events that unfold over the next six months. One day she is afforded an opportunity to cleverly get her notes to authorities, The sheriff's Dept raids the premises, arrest the culprit, and brings end to the notorious house of hell. Nineteen children & three women rescued because of her brave efforts, her hope and human will to..

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